Character Creation Overview

Concept, Background (page 36)

These are generally thematic, rather than mechanical, but will come into play during GM Intrusions.

Starting Obligation (page 38)

Choose or roll. You can choose to have one Obligation or two, lesser-cost, Obligations.

The crew should have a total Obligation of 40-60 (table 2-2 on page 40).

Players can start with more Obligation in return for XP or credits (table 2-3 on page 40).

Species (page 43)

This determines starting characteristics, wound threshold, strain threshold, innate abilities, and starting XP.

Career (page 53)

Gives 8 career skills. Gain one rank (no XP cost) in four of those.

First Specialization (page 55, page 129)

Gives four career skills (which might be in addition to the eight above). Gain one rank (no XP cost) in two of those four career skills (which can raise them to rank 2 if they were ranked in the previous step).

Additional specializations can be bought at character creation but the no-XP-cost ranks can only be taken from this first specialization.

Spend XP

Improve Characteristics

(10 × New Value) XP.
Must be purchased sequentially.
Maximum rank during chargen is 5.

Note that you cannot improve Characteristics with XP gained during play!

Train skills

Career: (5 × New Rank) XP.
Non-career: (5 × New Rank) + 5 XP.
Must be purchased sequentially.
Maximum rank during chargen is 2.

Acquire talents

Cost is as per the Talent Tree.

Learn new specializations

Career, Universal: (10 × New # of Specialisations) XP.
Non-career: (10 × New # of Specialisations) + 10 XP.

The skills associated with the new specialization are now career skills for the character, but only for future purchases – points already spent are not refunded.

Derived Attributes (page 94)

Wound Threshold = Species’ Starting Wound Threshold + Brawn.

Strain Threshold = Species’ Starting Strain Threshold + Willpower.

Increases to Brawn or Willpower made after character creation do not change Wound Threshold or Strain Threshold.

Melee Defence = 0.
Ranged Defence = 0.

Soak = Brawn.

Increases to Brawn made after character creation do increase Soak.

Starting Motivation(s) (page 94)

Choose or roll.


500 credits to spend on gear. No restricted gear without GM approval.

After starting gear is chosen, the character has the unspent credits + additional d% credits.

Physical Description

Height, weight, build, hair colour, eye colour, skin/scale/fur colour, scars, tattoos, other identifying marks.


Very important.


Character Creation Overview

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